GBC Baking Class Week 5: Creme Caramel

This course really forces me to make and learn things that I do not like to eat, which is good. You know you will only make things you like at home. But being a real chef, you should learn to make everything. Here we go another dessert that I am not very fond of. I will eat it if it is in front of me, but I never have made it before. Really Easy!

It is very interesting experience as this is my first time making caramel, and I am sure this skill will become very handy in the future!

Ingredients (Yield: 12 - 3" ramekins) 

For Caramel:
White Sugar   400 g

1) Place a medium saucepan on the stove top on medium heat. 

2) Add just enough white sugar (a thin layer of white sugar) to cover the bottom of the pot. Let it melt and add some more. Do not stir. 

3) Continue this process until all the sugar is melted and turns a nice amber color. 

4) Make sure the sugar is not boiling. Adjust the heat accordingly. Turn down the heat if the color turns dark too quickly or the mixture starts to boil. You can stir/ swirl the sugar which has started melting gently with a wooden spoon to speed up the process, but avoid to stir vigorously into the solid sugar which will create crumbs. 

5) Remove from heat and pour a small amount into each of the ramekin. Be careful not to "contaminate" the side of the ramekin, otherwise the creme caramel will not look nice when it comes out. 

6) Let the sugar cool completely. 

For Filling:
Eggs                   8
Sugar                 200 g
Vanilla Extract    5 g
Milk                   1000 mL

1) In a large bowl, whisk together eggs and sugar until blended.

2) Add vanilla and milk slowly while mixing. Mix until just incorporated.

3) Pass the custard through a sieve to remove any lumps.

4) Pour the custard evenly into the ramekins. Remove foam on the top before putting into the oven. 

5) Bake in a water bath (use hot water) at 350 F for approximately 40 min until the custard has set. 


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