GBC Baking Class Week 3: Tea Biscuits

It took me a month to finally update my Week 3 Baking class recipe! We have made Bran muffins and Tea biscuits. Bran muffins are good in terms of bran goods, but honestly, I would not recommend it. But I do like to share the tea biscuit recipes. In class, we talked about the difference between tea biscuits and scones.

The major difference is the sugar and fat used. Traditionally, scones use butter and either cream or soured/plain milk. In the states, biscuits use either shortening or lard and buttermilk or plain milk, which is less sweet and more savory, can have ingredients like cheese, bacon, onions/scallions and ham in them. However, due to the decline in using lard, scones and tea biscuits are interchangeable most of the time.  

- Milk Powder: add richness to the recipe 
- This is similar to making a mealy pie dough 

Ingredients (yield 2 dozens)

Bread Flour           600 g
Baking Powder      30 g
Butter, cold           125 g
Water                    250 mL
Milk Powder         25 g
Eggs                      2
Sugar                    125 g
Salt                       10 g
Currants                125 g (optional; can be replaced by dried berries, raisins etc)
Egg wash (1 egg + 3 tbsp water)


1) Sift together baking powder, bread flour, and salt onto parchment

2) Place sifted ingredients into small Hobart bowl with shortening on speed #1 and blend into flour till mealy stage (approx. 4 minutes) – you can do this by hands if you do not have a machine.

3) Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine water and milk powder to dissolve milk powder.      

4) Add eggs to the milk mixture and whisk

5) Add in sugar and continue whisking, then transfer this to measuring cup

6) Once shortening is blended, add currents just to incorporate

7) Add liquid slowly to the mealy dough, then once incorporated, put on speed #2 approximately 30 seconds. - If doing by hand, make a well in the centre of a bowl and incorporate.

8) Allow the dough to rest for a few minutes before make up as this will result a more relaxed dough.

9) Roll dough with a rolling pin to approximately 3/4 to 1" thickness. Cut into 3" -diameter circle with cookies cutter. Dip the cookie cutter into a bowl of bread flour in between cuts to avoid sticking. Do not turn the cutter when you cut the dough, simply go down and up. 

10) For the left over trims, knead gently again just until the dough is smooth and  repeat step 5. 

11) Place pieces of dough onto parchment paper lined pans, egg wash with a pastry brush, and bake at 375 F for 15 minutes, or until tops are golden brown. 

12) Store in air-tight plastic bags or containers when it is cooled. 


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