Mango Glutinous Rice Dumpling ~ mochi (芒果糯米糍)

Recipe adopted from here in Chinese. 
The link includes a helpful video. 
Yield: 14-16 mochi 

Instead of using the 200g water, I have substituted with mango juice. I have blend together 2 mangoes and some amount of water which adds up to 180g. Note that it's reduced to 180g as I have found the mochi too sticky and "liquidity".

Please scroll down for recipe in English.

椰汁香芒糯米糍 (約14-16粒)

材 料:
1. 糯 米 粉   140 g
2. 粘 米 粉   10 g  (1 湯匙)
3. 吉 士 粉     10 g    (1 湯匙)
4. 糖      6 湯匙  (80 g)
5. 油           1 湯匙  
6. 椰 漿    200 g
7. 芒 果 x 2 + 水 180 g *refer to notes above
8. 椰 絲        40 g
9. 芒 果          1-2  個  
製 法 :
1.糯米粉、粘米粉 及 吉士粉過篩, 放入大碗內備用。  
2. 把兩個芒果+水用攪拌機攪成汁。
3.將(2) 的芒果汁、棷漿、 糖、油煮滾,然後慢慢沖入(1) 的 粉內,拌勻成粉糰。

4.將粉糰放在碟上, 隔水蒸 15-20 分鐘,用冰水/水將整碟糯米粉糰 隔水座涼約*30分鐘後可以包餡.  

*如果想蒸完D粉糰在包時唔黐檯, 粉糰最好用凍水去座涼, 其間將粉糰反轉位置,另其他粉糰的表面都涼身。

5. 一 定要帶膠手套才容易包,否則會好黏手
6.將適量椰絲放在碟上, 然後將巳包好的糯米滋放入碟內, 轆滿椰絲為止。

Recipe in English
Yield: 14-16 mochi

Glutinious rice flour 140 g
Rice flour                 1 tbsp
Custard powder 1 tbsp
Granuated sugar       6 tbsp
Oil                1 tbsp
Coconut milk      200g
Mangox 2+ water     180g
Shredded coconut, unsweetened 40g
Mango          2


  1. In a large bowl, seive together glutinous rice flour, rice flour and custard powder. 
  2. In a blender, blend together the 2 mangoes and remaining water (which makes up to 180g) until it becomes juice. 
  3. Boil together mango juice from step (2), coconut milk, oil, sugar in a sauce pan. 
  4. Then, immediately slowly pour into the dry ingredients from step (1). Mix well until no lumps. 
  5. Place the dough on a glass plate. Steam the dough on a steam rack for 15-20 minutes. 
  6. Place the hot plate on a bowl of ice water, to cool down the dough when it is cooked. It will be ready for assembly after ~30 minutes. 

*It is important to wear plastic gloves when wrapping the dumplings as the dough is very sticky.
Coat the rice dumplings with shredded coconuts when it is done.


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