Chinese Rice Cake for New Year (年糕)

Chinese New Year is in less than a week! This is my first time making this rice cake 年糕. It is a lot easier than I thought. This recipe comes from my grandma, who passed this to my aunt and my mom. And now, it is passed to my generation. I don’t like the rice cake bought from stores since they always have a strong flavor of coconut milk in them which I prefer without. If you like to have a hint of coconut, I recommend to substitute 1.5 cup of water with low fat canned coconut milk. This recipe only asks for 3 ingredients: glutinous rice flour, sugar and oil!

Yield: 2 x (8.5" diameter x 1.25" H) pans

Glutinous rice flour 800 g
Yellow sugar (Sliced ones) 片糖   560 g
Water  4 cups
Vegetable Oil  1/2 cup

1) Cook 4 cups water + yellow sugar, all melted.  Leave it cool

2) In a big pot, put the glutinous rice flour in, then pour the  (1) into the pot, mix it with blender,  add  1/2 cup of vegetable oil or maize oil, mix it well.

3) Grease the pan for steaming.

4) Steam it for 2 1/2 hr if you pour into one pan; If you divide into 2 pans, steam for 1.5 hour only

5) Let it cool and put in the fridge for at least 24 hours, so it will be easier to cut into slices after it hardens up.

6) Pan Fry with egg to serve. 



  1. Amazing! I just tried this recipe and it turned out amazingly well!