GBC Baking Class Week 4: Royal Icing Piping Exercise

Week 4 - We have learnt piping and cake masking. This picture is the end of day product of masking the styrofoam cake. Piping is not too bad but I have had a hard time with cake masking. I definitely need more practice. The icing is supposed to be smooth around the cake.... 

I used #5 or #6 Star and Plain tip, piping bag for piping exercises. 
Note: Always only fill the piping bag only half way full - easier to handle. 

Shapes with star tip:
  • Single rosettes 
  • Double rosettes 
  • "S" or reversed "S"
  • Shells
  • Hearts (2 shells joint)

Shapes with plain tip:
  • Lady fingers
  • Flat spirals
  • Tear drops (and linked together)


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