A New Way to eat Maltesers- Maltesers Mochi

glutinous rice flour 90g (3/4 cup)
sugar 50g (~1/4  cup)
chocolate milk 120mL
whipping cream 40ml
unsweetened cocoa powder 1tbsp
more cocoa powder for decoration

(1)mix chocolate milk and whipping cream in a small bowl
(2) mix sugar, glutinous rice flour and cocoa powder in another bowl
(3) add the dry mixture to (1) mixture (in a couple times),then put in a glass container, steam for 15-20 min with high power.
(4) use the plastic spatula to rub the cooked mochi for a couple of minutes, to "soften" the dough, put a damp cloth on top of the glass container and wait until it cools completely
(5) wear plastic gloves and start wrapping the mochi

This looks SO FANCY but extremely simple. All you need is a steam rack/ wok thingy that allows you to steam your mochi. You can also play with the flavor.. My roommate has tried taro and matcha, simply replacing the cocoa powder with taro powder or matcha powder. For taro, it's hard to find something to match with taro, maybe vanilla ice-cream filling? As for the matcha mochi, woah.. you can have red bean filling, green tea ice-cream etc. My roommate made it with green tea ice-cream. It's definitely as good as what you can buy from a store!! 


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