About Me

Hi, I am Lin, the author, baker, cook and photographer behind Siulin’s Kitchen. I started my blog in October 2011 after a year of devoted food blogging through foodgawker. Realizing my greatest interest in cooking and baking, I started this blog as a hobby and a recipe keeper for myself. After almost a year of blogging, with all the support and encouragement through friends and family, this has become an important part of me. I am very proud of my blog and I would want to use this channel to share my love and passion of cooking.

More about myself

I am born and raised in Hong Kong, been to Canada to study and work for a few years and just moved back to my hometown for good- a new stage of life. Besides cooking and eating, I like to go around the city (and of course out of the city!), hang out with a couple of closed friends, chill and enjoy some sangria at a patio, have a relaxing movie night once in a while. I like chocolate, pastries, cheese and rice. I love to keep my kitchen clean and I am one of the cooks that love to clean when I cook, steal food from the plate before I take the food picture.

About my blog

After 10 months of blogging, in August 2012, Siulin’s Kitchen has gone through a big revolution. On Siulin’s Kitchen, you will find healthy, creative, fresh and seasonal dishes made with your favorite ingredients. I am also aiming to make my favorite restaurant dishes at home and trying to get as close as possible. My blog will grow and become your go-to blog to learn and explore ideas of how to make good use of your kitchen. My hope is to inspire others to develop interest in cooking and to eat well and healthily.