Kimchi Fried Rice (Kimchi Bokkeumbap)

On a lazy Sunday, what will you make for lunch? 

This is a very simple and quick dish. It can be ready in 3 minutes if you have all the ingredients in hand: Kimchi, the Korean paste and rice! (The Korean paste I bought from my Seoul trip finally come in handy.) It is very delicious and I cannot stop myself from eating!!

Recipe is adopted from Maangchi. According to my sister, Maangchi is a very reliable source for Korean food. You can check out the link to see her blog or look up her youtube channel. 

My edits:
- Use 1-2 day old rice rather than freshly made rice as I prefer dry fried rice. 
- Do not add any water 
- Add some leftover diced pork from last night dinner 
- Add less sesame oil, just to taste 


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