How to Melt Chocolate?

I have come across these useful tips when I was reading the chocolate making process at work. This will be helpful if you want to make chocolate novelties, truffles, dips or drops by yourself! These tips allow you to make a more appealing, smooth and tastier chocolate. Two major problems can be avoided: seizing and blooming. Seizing refers to formation of hard lumps since moisture gets into the chocolate. Blooming is the formation of sugar grains or whitish/ grayish color on the chocolate because of excess heat or cold.

How to Melt Chocolate? (Reference:

1) Use only DRY utensils.

2) Don't stir chocolate with a wooden or metal spoon. Use only rubber spatulas that have not been exposed to strong flavors such as tomato sauce or garlic.

3) Stir the chocolate slowly & gently, keeping movement to a minimum.
4) When melting, the ideal temperature is 108-115°F (42- 46 C). Make sure to completely wipe the bottom of the pot before pouring the chocolate, whether into a chocolate fountain, fondue pot, or when making candy.


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